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Bike carrier for small dogs

  • Maximum capacity 7 kg for small dogs
  • Safe and untroubled bike journeys thanks to the safety net and front edge for pet's paws
  • Net pockets for accessories
  • Complete with safety belt to fasten to your dog collar or harness
  • Plastic basket easy and fast to clean

Atlas Bike Rapid is the ideal pet carrier for bicycles and is suitable for small dogs. The basket is designed to be fixed onto the handlebars quickly and easily. If needed, you can remove the basket and leave the hook attachment connected to the handlebars, ready for the next ride.
Atlas Bike Rapid pet carriers are made of lightweight, durable plastic and are equipped with all the necessary comfort and safety devices: a plastic-coated iron safety guard, a frontal supporting surface for your pet's paws, a safety strap to attach to his harness or collar to prevent loss of balance while riding. There are also two useful external net pockets, inside which you can keep your dog's lead, your house keys or cell phone. There is also a comfortable washable cotton cushion included in the package.

Atlas Bike Rapid is available in two sizes and can support a dog weighing up to a maximum of 7 kg. In case of heavier dogs, we recommend our Classic model, designed to be fastened to the luggage rack.