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For strong dentures and a healthy bone structure! Calcium is essential for your dog.

Single animal nutrition for dogs

In the organism calcium is needed for:

  • the blood clotting
  • the sustaining of functioning of the musculature
  • the formation and sustaining of the skeleton
  • strong dentures

Canina® CALCIUM CARBONATE TABLETS is a pure calcium preparation for optimal promotion of bone structure, dentition, skeletal development as well as for maintenance of the function of the muscles and protection against osteoporosis.The fully-grown dog needs calcium daily for a balanced metabolism.

It contains 36% calcium and is without phosphorus.p>

For the puppy and young dog it is Canina® PUPPY LIME POWDER oder Canina® PUPPY LIME TABLETS more suitable.

Also available as tablets: (CALCIUM CARBONATE POWDER)

Trade Size: 350g (approx. 350 tabl.) / 1,000g (approx. 1,000g) / 6,250g (approx. 6,250 tabl.)

Composition / Ingredients:

Composition: Calcium Carbonate, yeast

Ingredients: 27% calcium, 5% hydrochloric acid insoluble ash

Feeding recommendation per animal and day:

(Tablets) up to 10kg up to 20kg over 20kg
Dry feed 1 1 2
Wet feed 1 2 3
Self-made feed 2 3 4

Starting with the 30th day of pregnancy the dosage should be doubled. (dosage x 2).
For lactating mother dogs::
< 4 puppies = dosage x 2
4-6 puppies = dosage x 4
>6 puppies = dosage x 5