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Maxi Adult Rich in Chicken

Weight: 3 kg - 12 kg

Monge Natural Superpremium Maxi Adult Rich in Chicken is a complete pet food for maxi-size adult dogs (32 – 80 kg).
Specially developed for your dog’s wellness, through the presence of top quality nutrients as a result of Made in Italy research.
The first ingredient is chicken and the formulation is characterised by its digestibility and palatability due to the inclusion of fresh meat.
The recipe is enhanced with next generation XOS (Xylo-oligosaccharides), which are prebiotics to support the intestinal wellness.
The formulation also contains glucosamine and chondroitin sulphate for joint and bone support and L-carnitine to maintain lean mass.
No added dyes and artificial preservatives.

X.O.S. Xylo oligosaccharides Prebiotics - Intestinal wellnessChondroitin Glucosamine Calcium and Phosphorus Joint and bone supportL-Carnitine - To maintain lean massMade in italyWithout dyes and artificial preservativesNo cruelty test

Chicken (dried 30%, fresh meat 10%), rice, maize, animal fat (chicken oil purified at 99.5%), dried beet pulp, brewer’s yeast, maize gluten, hydrolysed animal proteins (liver), fish (dried salmon), fish oil (salmon oil), minerals, yeasts products (mannano-oligosaccharides MOS 1%), xylo-oligosaccharides (XOS 0.3%), yucca schidigera (0.3%), algae meal (spirulina – Arthrospira platensis 0.3%), glucosamine (0.057%), chondroitin sulphate (0.04%).